JMH Horn Studio

*Check out this Post for information about our Mother’s Day Recital on May 13th!

After three degrees, playing the horn for over twenty years, and performing professionally and teaching for nearly a decade, I am excited to share what I’ve learned along the way with my students! This will include:

  • Learning to practice effectively and efficiently—and to have fun doing it!
  • Encouraging creative approaches in learning and playing the horn
  • Learning to perform confidently
  • Increasing skills on the instrument (tone, range, endurance, repertoire)
  • Learning about the horn’s history, major compositions, performers, and what makes our instrument so special
  • AND developing oneself as a musical artist.

View More: JMH Horn Studio was founded in August 2017 once I, my husband, and our very fat cat (Lucy) relocated to St. Paul, Minnesota from Columbus, OH. Through the JMH Horn Studio, I want to inspire my students to become sensitive musicians, well-rounded hornists, and provide them with a variety of creative problem-solving tools to become their own best teachers. My teaching includes an emphasis on the fundamentals of horn playing, etudes, exercises, writing and listening assignments, solo repertoire, and some less traditional approaches including vocal exercises, creative writing, and visual arts exercises. I want my students to have fun while they are learning and practicing and to take ownership of their experience as students of the horn.

Interested in becoming a part of the JMH Horn Studio? Want more information? Check out the JMH Horn Studio 2017-2018 Handbook. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!