Twin Cities Horn Club:

  • Find out about upcoming horn performances, join a neighborhood horn ensemble, and find out what’s going on with this amazing and thriving horn community!


  • Printable excerpts with recordings
  • Horn Call articles
  • Marketplace for horns and horn accessories

  • Tons of fun videos with world class musicians–mostly hornists, hosted by Sarah Willis, the first female brass player in Berlin Philharmonic orchestra

  • American low horn queen performs and gives tips for performing major orchestral excerpts
  • Explore her “teaching” section too for creative ideas about kopprasch

  • Articles, Blogs, PDF’s, OH My!

  • Interested in the operatic side of horn? Check this out for excerpts and resources

  • Articles, blogs, videos, tips on maintenance and more

  • Website of Pip Eastop, a cooky British hornist who is an AMAZING player!


Classic Soloists

Dennis Brain

Dale Clevenger

Gail Williams

Hermann Baumann

Barry Tuckwell

Frøydis Ree Wekre

Lowell Greer—natural horn/period instrument genius

More contemporary soloists

Radek Baborák

Stefan Dohr

Sarah Willis

Radovan Vlatkovic

Arkady Shilkloper–alpenhorn jazz playing

Pip Eastop

Denise Tryon

Felix Klieser


  • I Found My Horn: One Man’s Struggle with the Orchestra’s Most Difficult Instrument by Jasper Rees. Also titled, A Devil to Play. This is a hilarious self-narrative about a middle-aged British man deciding to conquer the horn again by challenging himself to perform a solo at the British Horn Society. Well-researched and terribly funny.
  • Guide to the Solo Horn Repertoire by Linda Dempf and Richard Seraphinoff
  • The Early Horn: A Practical Guide by John Humphries
  • The Horn and Horn-Playing, and the Austro-Bohemian Tradition from 1680-1830 by Horace Fitzpatrick
  • The Savvy Musician by David Cutler
  • Music Practice Coach by Lance LaDuke