MMEA All-State Band 2018

For Recordings of the Horn Audition Repertoire, click HERE

The MMEA All-State Band Experience (from the MMEA website)

MMEA All-State Program
All-State is a program to develop the finest musicians and leaders among Minnesota’s most accomplished high school students. The All-State program supports secondary school music ensembles, MMEA members and members’ students.

If you have any questions, contact the MMEA office at 763/566-1460 or

All-State Band Horn Audition Repertoire 

*Audition Deadline is March 15, 2018*
  1. Lyrical Etude: J-FGallay Twelve Studies for Second Horn, #5: beginning thru beat 3 of measure 15. (click MMEA ASB Lyrical–Color subdiv for a study copy pdf)
  2. Technical Etude: J-FGallay Twelve Studies for Second Horn, #2: beginning thru downbeat of measure 24. (click MMEA All-State band technical horn etude 2018 for a study copy pdf)
  3. MMEA Scale Etude (click MMEA All-State Horn Scales for a pdf)
  4. Solo: Unaccompanied, 5 minute maximum (click MMEA Solo Guide Updated for MMEA solo suggestions)
  •      Additional Solo suggestions coming soon!