Jenna teaches privately through the JMH Horn Studio and is the private horn instructor at Eagan High School.

“Jenna is a gifted teacher who fully understands that multiple approaches are required to successfully help students. I have been extremely impressed with her creativity in helping students address a variety of playing issues. She genuinely cares for each and every student with whom she works. I consider students that get the opportunity to work with Jenna to be truly fortunate.”
Bruce Henniss- Professor of Horn at The Ohio State University School of Music

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See what students and parents say about her teaching

“Jenna was a great first horn teacher for my son, Thaine! She was always friendly and accommodating with our schedule. Trying to juggle multiple activities, sports and music lessons is challenging and Jenna was always helpful and willing to work with us on this! Thaine took lessons for about a year from Jenna and in this short amount of time his horn playing improved greatly. He developed a nice tone and his technique improved, allowing him to play quite difficult pieces for his age. In addition to his skill improving greatly in one year’s time, Thaine really seemed to learn a love for the instrument and looked forward to working with Jenna at each lesson. We miss her!”

-Emily (Parent), Columbus, Ohio

“Jenna is an amazing Horn teacher! I am so sad that she moved away! But, I am so lucky that she was my teacher [and] during the year Jenna was my teacher, I improved very much.”

-Thaine, Columbus, Ohio

“I am an adult student in pursuit of my master’s degree in music education. As a
trained woodwind player and a self-taught brass player, I wanted to take advantage
of the opportunity to study with a true brass expert….Jenna‘s approach to teaching the horn is both pragmatic and spontaneous. I appreciate her pragmatism because it
creates structured lessons with realistic goal setting from one lesson to the next,
while her spontaneity gives her the flexibility to cater to the needs of each student’s
personality and learning style. Jenna is a wealth of knowledge in all things horn and
a phenomenal performer. Any student who should be so fortunate to study with
Jenna will surely develop into a fine player and well-rounded musician.”

-Stephanie, Columbus, Ohio

 “Jenna is always positive and makes horn playing personalized and fun. She opened the door to a whole new world of the horn for me.”

-Serina, Columbus, Ohio