Interdisciplinary Transfer and Cultivation Workshop Vocal Activity Recordings

Vocal Activity Clip 1: ŋ legato as a large group, then as a threesome.

Vocal Activity Clip 2: Group models a “bumpy” legato on ŋ, followed by a pair modeling bumpy, then smooth legato.

Vocal Activity Clip 3: Group sings legato passage from “Laudatio” on ŋ.

Vocal Activity Clip 4: Two examples side by side. The first is the group singing the “Laudatio” passage on an i vowel, and in the second example, the group starts on an ŋ and moves to i.

Vocal Activity Clip 5: Group plays legato “Laudatio” passage on mouthpieces for the first time. Then, they sing the passage and play on mouthpieces again. Two pairs demonstrate taking a vocal breath before playing on their mouthpieces. 

Vocal Activity Clip 6: Group plays “Laudatio” passage on their horns–first time. 

Vocal Activity Clip 7: Group plays “Laudatio” passage on horns after singing the passage again and being asked to transfer that singing sensation/style to their horn playing.

Vocal Activity Clip 8: Pair plays “Laudatio” passage on horns, sings the passage, and then plays it again on horns.